The BMW 2002 Hommage is a retro concept done right


BMW has been building hommage cars for years now. They're teases that let us know the designers remember what was great about BMW design past, even if that's not always obvious in the new cars. The latest tribute car is this 2002 Hommage, which makes its debut at the Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este this weekend.

Like past hommage cars, the 2002 is more about design than mechanicals. BMW doesn't even mention what theoretically powers this car, and frankly we don't care. There are clues, however, from the classic livery, which includes an M tri-color front splitter with "obrut" ghosted over it, similar to the reversed text on the original '02 Turbo. We'll guess it's a powerful turbocharged engine under the hood, whatever the specifics are.

Neat details abound. There's a carbon-fiber band at the beltline that is supposed to recall the original 2002's chrome trim. The greenhouse is more slick 2 Series than boxy '02, and the flared-fender goodness is a definite nod to the homologation 2002 Turbo. The off-center roundel at the tail is another nice 2002 touch. We're into the ducktail spoiler out back, and, although not quite '60s-specific, the snowflake wheels are pretty great.

Even the lighting elements are retro-tinged. The headlight lenses have a gold hue since this is the golden anniversary of the 1966 model. There are also separate turn-signal units embedded above the headlights, here stuck into a piece of carbon trim.

Of course, this hommage is likely nothing more than eye candy. BMW uses them more as design exercises than forecasts of future styling. It's good daydream fuel, at least.