Car Management

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With the large volume of International clients in South Florida, Majestik has set up a team to help cater for their needs. With biweekly visits to luxury condos and homes, we manage cars that are not frequently used, making sure your car is always turn key, clean and ready for when you are in town.…

Car Storage

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We take care of your car as if it were ours. Your car will always be turn key ready. Wether you have lack of space at your house, or want to build up your exotic and/or vintage collection, we are the place for you. With a weekly checklist of over 15 items and in house full detailing.

Classic & Exotic

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We can help you find any exclusive car, from an all time dream vintage, to a most recent hyper car. With major global connections, Majestik can help you find, negotiate and transport the car till it is in your garage, from any where in the globe.


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Road Trip

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Experiences are more than just moments, they are feelings sculptured in to your life’s story. With national and international road trips, we help build those moments. Sign up for our newsletter and we will get in touch when we have our next event programmed.